Card Comparison: Ubedragon Bajula v.s. Uberdragon Bajula, the 2nd

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Card Comparison: Ubedragon Bajula v.s. Uberdragon Bajula, the 2nd Empty Card Comparison: Ubedragon Bajula v.s. Uberdragon Bajula, the 2nd

Post  shirosakiloh1994 on Wed Nov 07, 2012 3:10 pm

Hello peeps, since today I have a little free time, I shall write about one of my favourite cards. Many of you who have played DM should know the infamous UBERDRAGON BAJULA. Yes. The annoying dragon that deals 2 mana of damage to you with each attack. With its high power and easy summoning conditions (it evolves from ANY dragon), this card is no doubt one hell of a threat.

According to the Duel Masters timeline, wise starnoid, avatar of hope defeated Bajula (in one shot). Yes it is true. Bajula appears in the card artwork of starnoid itself. You may check to validate my claims:,_Avatar_of_Hope

We assumed Bajula was dead. Then appeared the infamous cross gear of Bajula's soul (talk about coming back from the dead), which also got limited along with Bajula in Japan's hall of fame. BUTTTTTTT, SUPRISE! BAJULA IS BACK! No wait, this time he looks kinda different. And with different abilities as well. Let's break it down.

Type: Evolution creature
Mana cost: 7
Power: 13000
Evolution-Put on one of your Dragons.
When this creature attacks, put a card in your opponent's mana zone into the graveyard. Then destroy one of your opponent's creatures with power 5000 or less.
Triple breaker (This creature breaks 3 shields)

So apparently, this card retains the same annoying traits as the original Bajula (easy evo bait, dragon support, same mana cost and stats). But this time, he traded one half of his mana burning ability to demolish one creature that is 5000 power or less from your opponent. Still as nasty I say (and he looks cooler trading his chains for guns)

My opinion? If your opponent likes to flood the field with weenie blockers, I say this card is a perfect choice to control his mana zone AND the battle zone if you want the best of both worlds. But the original Bajula is still better for dealing serious mana damage to your opponent. 13000 power just straight out flattens anything in its way. And the 2nd Bajula is not limited like the first, so players can opt to put up to 4 should they wish to form a deck centered on it.

However, with this remake, comes a drawback. This 2nd Bajula does not deal damage as severe as the first. Despite the attractive option of squishing an opponent's weenie, it does not noticeably hinder the opponent to use their big trump cards or any creature removal option they might have. In the long run (assuming each bajula can attack 4 times), the second deal s only half the damage of the first. And the opponent can simply just keep creature cards in his hand to avoid the 2nd's creature killing effect, which is an added advantage since your opponent might gain hand advantage. That leaves the 2nd Bajula more prone to removal as well.

So overall, compared to the first Bajula, here are my ratings:
Uberdragon Bajula: 9/10
Uberdragon Bajula, the 2nd: 7.2/10

Not a very good incarnation of Bajula, but nevertheless a good substitute since Bajula is already limited.

That's all for today. Ciao

~Mr K

(P.S. The 2nd Bajula is a RARE card. No kidding)

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