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Terradragon Mildgarmus [18/10/2012] Empty Terradragon Mildgarmus [18/10/2012]

Post  Pradian on Wed Oct 17, 2012 5:38 pm

Date: 18/10/2012

Terradragon Mildgarmus
Civilisation: Nature
Mana Cost: 7
Race: Earth Dragon
Power: 5000
Effect: When you put this creature into the battle zone, choose a card in an opponent's mana zone, and put it in its owner's graveyard. Afterward, put the top card from your deck into your mana zone.


Terradragon Mildgarmus is currently one of the strongest and best additions to the mana burn decktype [Time Tripper anyone?], mainly because it is currently in one of the best civilisation. Nature has always been one of the most vital civilisations because of the meta shift to the control decktype. Control decktype are extremely strong lategame but they are so fragile early game. Having nature helps to negate some of the weakness of control deck.

Terradragon Mildgarmus is an Earth Dragon. Any creatures with dragons are blessed with one of the strongest evolutions. Uberdragon Bajula and a close second, Uberdragon Bajulaterra.

Power 5000 is actually considered high as many control underlings [Come into play effect monsters] are usually lesser than 5000 power. Regular cards that come into mind are Jenny, Dismantling Doll, Chief De Baula, Machine King of Mystic Light etc. So now maybe you are thinking that psychic’s spell can get rid of Terradragon Mildgarmus. Sure. Emperor hole comes to mind, but you have to remember killing CIP [Come Into Play] creatures are usually pointless because Inferno Sign/ Hyperspatial Revive Hole brings them back and cause more havoc.

Lastly, the juice of the article. Terradragon Mildgarmus gives you a mana and destroys one of your opponent’s mana. Firstly, that means you are actually 2 mana ahead of your opponent when you use Terradragon Mildgarmus. Secondly, you could destroy cards in opponent mana zone that are important to him like that one water mana in his mana zone. Thirdly, it enables you to hit 9 mana to bring out Terradragon Zalberg or something else for more havoc. The amount of things you can do are endless with the additional mana next turn.

Terradragon Mildgarmus is an extremely versatile card, capable of delaying your opponent and when combined with an early reap and sow and Time Tripper gives the player an extremely strong advantage against the opponent especially considering the current meta is saturated with a huge number of control decks.


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